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I gatcha sucka

Awesome amazing 555555555 stars first seen it app know eleagle rate 4 stars or less awsome and great

Rhett and Link

I watched Good Mythical Morning and they did a video on a few apps and this was one of them, but I guess it's an okay app.

Rhett and Link got me interested

I was watching good mythical morning which I recommend and they talked about this so I am downloading it now.

Rhett and link

Go a watch good mythical morning on YouTube

Horrible on iPad.

I'm using a iPad Air and it dosent even work its horrible. Probably for iPhone users and iPod users only.

Good mythical morning

I just watched gmm and they are right lol

Sound needed

Fix the sound my bars were on high!!!!


I wish it had a girl voice to not just a boy voice but I still like it

Good mithical morning

Rhett and link sent me here!

Rhett and link where right!!!

The worst! Rhett and link told us this bad was bad on gmm! I tried it and it was the worst!!!! I thought it was going to be funny, but what if it was a girl huh?!?! What if no one believes it?! It doesnt sound like a normal persons voice! Its stupid and only has a few things on there and some are offensive! This shouldn't be an app, EVER!!!!!!!

5 stars!

This app is awesome! And I have and ipod and it sounds totally fine. It is so fun!

Rhett and link sent me

I havent used the app but i will try because rhett and link talked about it

Thank you!

I got this game a few minutes ago. It is really early in the morning right now, (i am in America) and my mom would kill me if I woke up my brother with this. I would just like to thank Rhett and Link from good mythical morning, who showed this app to me. Thanks guys! I may not have a YouTube channel and cannot comment or subscribe, (boo who :( sad about that)I'm still a fellow mythical beast. Thank you app creators,thank you Rhett and Link, and thank you YouTube creators! Lol :)

This app sucka

Can't hear a thing

Rhett and link sent me

Rhett and link talked about it

It's the WORST!

I have my ringer and sound all the way up but it still won't make one sound I'm deleting it!!!!


I have my volume and ringer all the way up but it still won't make a sound


Honestly if I was able, I would rank this app a zero star. On iPods and iPads mainly, you aren't able to hear the sounds and yet they don't warn you! So if you have an iPhone, be my guest to have fun with this app. But I find it totally unprofessional of them to neither fix this issue or tell their users.




daymm good app it's also works on the oldest iPhone yet

Hate it

Cant hear it. Thissucks

This app is awesome!!!

This app is so clutch having a timer to set the trap for your soon to be punked prey. There are so many awkward scenarios you can setup. And when that gets stale, you even have ability to create your own!!!

Awesome App!!!!

This has got to be the best prank app I have yet to see for the iPhone. Very slick and clean! The idea is great...and the videos are freaking high-larious!!! Going to upgrade to the PRO right now for the extra features!!!!


This is Awesome! Buying the PRO now!

Pretty Sweet

I pranked my boss with it this morning. It was pretty funny. The Pro one is even cooler though cause you can record your own prank.

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